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Subject:  Re: Latest magnifier results
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> > Subject:  Latest magnifier results
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> > Wild Bill Emery and I built a new primary for our magnifier Saturday.
> > We increased its diameter by a total of four inches which reduced
> > coupling to an acceptable degree (nope, we have not yet measured the
> > actual value).  This night's run we tested the new FOUR layer
> > secondary and a new TWO layer resonator coil.  Did it work?
> > 
> > We are proud new entrants into the grand order of 10+ foot spark
> > makers.  We couldn't be more excited.  Well, ok, if we'd gotten 15
> > foot sparks, then we'd have been more excited.
> > 
> > We found that we could directly replace the 8.44 inch by 24 inch
> > single layer resonator with the two layer resonator without retuning
> > whatsoever.  The two layer coil does perform better than the single
> > layer coil, though not to a dramatic degree.  We might see a bigger
> > difference when we move up to larger capacitive top loadings.  We
> > are getting constant ground strikes from our toroid, which is
> > mounted over seven feet high.  Longest measured strike to ground was
> > 10 feet, though we have streamers probably longer than that.  The
> > neighbors loved it.  We even had neighbors on other streets load
> > up their pickups with their kids and drive by to watch.
> > 
> > Our variac stcak suffered a very violent demise, complete with
> > fireball and acrid smoke.  We crawled into the power cabinet and
> > bypassed the variac so we were running directly off the contactors.
> > "Variac?  What variac?  We don't need no stinking variac!"  Instant
> > on, instant off.  Worked great.  We tripped our 60 amp circuit
> > breaker countless times, usually when the output spark hit the
> > transmission line and triggered a safety gap firing.
> > 
> > We experimented with using a piece of 10 inch wide aluminum flashing
> > as a transmission line.  I expected horrendous corona off the edges.
> > Nope, works very well, we saw no transmission line corona at all.  It
> > seems that the same physics which allow flashing to serve as a good
> > low impedence ground conductor also allow it to serve as an admirable
> > low impedence high voltage transmission line for magnifier work.
> > Downside:  it tens to flap a bit in light breezes.
> > 
> > Next on the agenda: a new 100 amp breaker has to be installed, and
> > we'll try moving up on the top load capacitance.  We designed a new
> > way of stacking our 36 by 8 inch toroids, so we'll probably next
> > attempt two toroids.  We'll also be moving up our tank capacitance
> > from 0.015 ufd to 0.03 ufd.  We're gonna leave the variac bypassed
> > for now.
> > 
> > Bert Pool
> > bertpool-at-flash-dot-net
> Bert:
> Sure sounds like you had one great night!  Super job on the neat sparks,
> you must have had the neighbors pretty impressed.  The big sparks do
> tend to make peoples jaws drop abit, especially when they are coming
> from an individuals drive-way!  
> Sorry to hear about the smoking variac stack, what size were they?  I'm
> just wondering if you were really pushing them or was it something else
> that caused the unexpected failure.  I had enough smoke already this
> month so I just hope to learn from your test too!  Actually, sounds like
> you might have won the smoke contest for this week! (feeble attempt at
> humor).  Great job, I am really interested in your next report.  I'm
> still trying to get enough time to repair my coil, not yet done.
> Chuck Curran
Bert, Chuck, All,

If there is a smoke contest this month...MY MOM WON IT!

I was at the Kitchener Hamfest this Saturday.  Back at home were my 
two beloved kitties.  I had a combo fridge/stovetop burner/sink unit 
in the basement of my new house which I had modified the temp 
controller in and was using very successfully as a 4 cu.ft. freezer.

One of my cats apparently liked the poly/rubber kinda throw rug that 
I had temporarily placed on top of this unit as a part of a recent 
basement cleanup.  Being a good place to comfy-down, the cat 
apparently activated one of the top burner element controls doing a 
depart from his newfound sleeping area.

The element started this rug on fire filling the basement quickly 
with thick, acrid black toxic smoke.  My cats were locked in the 
basement at the time.
As luck would have it my parents had come over expecting to visit me
when I 
returned from the Kitchener Hamfest that afternoon. They were outside 
when they heard the smoke alarm go off.  Mom was the first into the 
house and courageously manouvered downstairs through thick smoke 
which was so heavy that the room lights were invisible, and 
manouvering was by feel only, to successfully put out the fire which was
the basement ceiling in the furnace room.  She also saved my house and
my cats.
Fluffy, the timid youngster remained frightened and cowering in the
behind the water heater until I arrived some two hours after the 
fire. I found poor Fluffy completely black from the sooty smoke, as is
most of
my basement.

The house STINKS. : (  Luckily I still have one, and my beloved cats 
which represent my only immediate family).  The insurance company has 
been called and they were here today.  I am going to get good 
treatment from them in cleaning and restoration, thank goodness.  
They are even going to pay to have my somewhat grey looking cats 
professionally cleaned and groomed.

I am lucky!

If anyone should be deserved of this month's smoke award it should be 
my elderly Mom who breathed a lot of toxic smoke saving my house and 

This is not about Tesla coiling, but if my Mom hadn't just saved my 
house from total destruction, I wouldn't be in a position to continue 
coiling as I am now, still at virtually full speed!

Thank's Mom!