RE- Transformer size

Subject:      RE- Transformer size
       Date:  Tue, 10 Jun 1997 15:02:00 GMT
       From:  robert.michaels-at-online.sme-dot-org (Robert Michaels)
Organization: Society of Manufacturing Engineers
         To:  tesla-at-pupman-dot-com

        No matter what size transformer you have, if you don't
        =start building=   you aren't going to learn much about
        Tesla-coiling.   About building a collection of used
        transformers, yes.   About coiling, no.

        There's something to be learned even from using a 2-kv., 10-ma.
        transformer, assuming you actually start.

        You may find you haven't the patience, the money, the
        manual skills, the persistence ,the tools etc.   I suggest it's
        better to find these things out  =before=   you've spent
        5 years gathering every size and type of neon transformer
        extant.   Don't you?

                                                Getting it ON,

                                                Robert Michaels
                                                Detroit, USA

        On the other hand, after you've gotten a 15K/60, you could
        start looking for a 15K/90.   That in hand you'll probably
        want to go for one of the elusive 15K/120's.  And of course
        you'll want one of these from each of the major manufacturers --
        Let's see -- there's Jefferson, and France, and Acme, and
        ... !

T>  From:  aasphalt-at-win.bright-dot-net (Lynn Anderson)

T>I am collecting parts for my first coil and have located 2
T>is 9000 volts 60 ma. the other is 15000 and 30 ma.Shall I use one of
T>or keep looking for a 15-60?  I am more concerned with coil
T>with cost.  Thanks.    Lynn A.