Re: Latest magnifier results (variac)

Subject:  Re: Latest magnifier results
  Date:   Mon, 10 Mar 1997 19:05:41 +0000
  From:  "Bert Pool" <bertpool-at-flash-dot-net>
    To:   Tesla List <tesla-at-pupman-dot-com>

> > Subject:  Latest magnifier results
> >   Date:   Sun, 8 Jun 1997 09:15:37 +0000
> >   From:  "Bert Pool" <bertpool-at-flash-dot-net>
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> > 
> > Our variac stcak suffered a very violent demise, complete with
> > fireball and acrid smoke.  We crawled into the power cabinet and
> > bypassed the variac so we were running directly off the contactors.
> > "Variac?  What variac?  We don't need no stinking variac!"  Instant
> > on, instant off.  Worked great.  We tripped our 60 amp circuit
> > breaker countless times, usually when the output spark hit the
> > transmission line and triggered a safety gap firing.
> Bert:
> Sure sounds like you had one great night!  Super job on the neat sparks,
> you must have had the neighbors pretty impressed.  The big sparks do
> tend to make peoples jaws drop abit, especially when they are coming
> from an individuals drive-way!  
> Sorry to hear about the smoking variac stack, what size were they?  I'm
> just wondering if you were really pushing them or was it something else
> that caused the unexpected failure.  I had enough smoke already this
> month so I just hope to learn from your test too!  Actually, sounds like
> you might have won the smoke contest for this week! (feeble attempt at
> humor).  Great job, I am really interested in your next report.  I'm
> still trying to get enough time to repair my coil, not yet done.
> Chuck Curran

We are/were running two 115 volt, 30 amp variacs wired for 220 volt 
operation.  Since we kept kicking out a 60 amp breaker, one might 
say we were over-driving them a tad bit, but who doesn't?  I suspect 
the brushes have toasted, and they are likely repairable.  I have 
repaired one other variac using the Richard Hull video guide and it 
is still good, so maybe we'll be lucky with these as well.

Bert Pool