Re: Secondary wire & insulation

Subject:     Re: Secondary wire & insulation
      Date:  Sun, 08 Jun 1997 09:54:15 -0400
      From:  "Edward J. Wingate" <ewing7-at-frontiernet-dot-net>
        To:  Tesla List <tesla-at-pupman-dot-com>
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Tesla List wrote:
> Subject:  Re: Secondary wire & insulation
>   Date:   Sat, 7 Jun 1997 18:17:52 +0500
>   From:  "Alfred A. Skrocki" <alfred.skrocki-at-cybernetworking-dot-com>
>     To:   Tesla List <tesla-at-pupman-dot-com>
> On Fri, 06 Jun 1997 15:01:29 -0400 Edward J. Wingate
> <ewing7-at-frontiernet-dot-net> wrote;

> > I have obtained 5 times the coil length in spark output( 10 to 12 ft)
> > with some of the extra coils I have used on my magnifier system. These
> > extra coils are tight wound with plain old #18 heavy polythermalize
> > magnet wire and don't break down between turns either. I space wound my
> > first coil with magnet wire, but later learned that it isn't necessary
> > or even desireable on a properly tuned system. In fact you lose precious
> > inductance by space winding!
> >
> > If you would like to see for yourself:
> >
> > http://users.deltanet-dot-com/~stcole/hv/wingate.html
> >
> > None of the pictured coils are space wound.
> >
> > Richard Hull has achieved 10+ times the coil length with an extra coil
> > that is a mere 4" X 12" and is *tight wound* with #30 Kynar wire wrap
> > wire!! That one doesn't break down between turns either but it sure gets
> > HOT!
> Ed, it is certainly possible to wind close wound coils when one
> specifies the insulation for their wire, BUT not all of us can afford
> to do that! Most of us get what we can, when we can offord it, and
> that usualy means the lower grades of insulation.  When dealing
> with the lower grades or unknown insulation I feel that space winding
> is the only safe way to go! Most of my coils have spaced windings and
> all of them are good performers having discharges of from two to
> three times their length and one with discharges of over five times
> it's length!


I do not *specify* wire insulation when I buy wire. I buy what I can get
when I can get it, just like you do. I have gotten wire at hamfests,
fleamarkets and surplus stores and anything I have gotten so far works
just fine *without* spacewinding. 

Safe coiling,

Ed Wingate