photo op'

Subject:  photo op'
  Date:   Sat, 7 Jun 97 22:10:10 EDT
  From:   tweagan-at-maind.dnet.dupont-dot-com
    To:   tesla-at-pupman-dot-com

Hi Everyone

Below is an e-mail and it's reply between me and Robert Stephens.

A short while ago, he offerred to send a copy of his twin coil system
in operation.He wanted to get a list of interested people compiled
so that we might be able to take advantage of any processing price cut
on volume orders.If you are interested, please mail Robert a note so
we can get the order placed.

Note that this is not an attempt by Robert to market a product as 
this has been a bit of a sore spot with a few people on the list.
He has not set a price per photo until the processing fee is figured
(I don't think he'll get rich on this one guys!)

Maybe we could close the offer by the 14th of June to keep the rest of
us from hangin'.

> Hi Robert
> Just a query on the status of the picture order you were getting 
> together of your twin system.If I recall, you were compiling a list
> of interested people-and I'm on it.
> Still wanted, no pressure, just asking.
> Tom Weagant

<I hadn't quite forgotten about you.  I only received about four 
<inquiries and was waiting for more.  Four hardly justifies placing 
<any kind of special order as it will net zero price break.  Perhaps you
<post the list reminding anyone 
<that might be interested in placing an order for a personally signed,
<enlargement of the original for twin1rws.jpg, to contact me.  

<Thank's for your continued interest.