Re: Secondary wire & insulation

Subject:  Re: Secondary wire & insulation
  Date:   Fri, 6 Jun 1997 20:03:51 -0700 (PDT)
  From:  "Edward V. Phillips" <ed-at-alumni.caltech.edu>
    To:  tesla-at-pupman-dot-com

"Of course the best way is to use a
lathe (expensive)or make a winding machine."
        Watch out on using the lathe.  It is almost impossible
to stop in  time when something goes wrong with the winding,
as it usually does (at least for me).  A hand-cranked winder
consisting of n othing more than a piece of threaded rod 
mounted in simple bearings (ev en wood) and end pieces which
fit the tube work just great.  It only takes an hour or so
to wind a pretty big coil, and you can't get in trouble.  Particularly
if you keep pre-cut masking tape handy to hold things in place
when you have to stop.  Look at some of the TCBOR videos for
similar arrangement.