Beginner Tesla Coil Questions

Subject:  Beginner Tesla Coil Questions
  Date:   Fri, 06 Jun 1997 18:17:10 -0400
  From:   Pete Demoreuille <pbd-at-cybernex-dot-net>
    To:   tesla-at-pupman-dot-com

Hello Coilers:

Does anyone have good instructions for constructing a smaller tesla
coil (aiming for ~12in max sparks -- can't scare my mom too much.)
I kinda need a way to find what size stuff i need: ie size of caps,
how many winds on the primary and secondary, how big the primary and
secondary should be, spark gap distances, how to get a good xformer,

I have been reading for two months now, and seem to have a handle on 
most of the construction, but still have several questions.

Voltage: how much am i aiming for to get ~12in corona (with a toroid)

Primary Coil: how tightly wrapped should it be, where should it be
in relation to the secondary (both separation and position 'on' the

what type of wire should i use on the secondary, size and insulation?

Yes, sigh now and laugh at me!  -- Thanks alot for any help!

Pete Demoreuille
pbd-at-cybernex-dot-net, pbd-at-delbarton-dot-org