RE- Re: Polyethylene sour

Subject:      RE- Re: Polyethylene sour
       Date:  Fri, 06 Jun 1997 20:20:00 GMT
       From:  robert.michaels-at-online.sme-dot-org (Robert Michaels)
Organization: Society of Manufacturing Engineers
         To:  tesla-at-pupman-dot-com

        There's polyethylene and then there's polyethylene.  You
        have to be  =really=  careful when you go out to buy
        plastics of any kind these days, but especially polyalkylenes
        of any type  (more careful than going out on a Saturday
        night without condoms!)

        Your poly (or Poly) may be virginal - or may have
        already been around a few places and done a few things
        -- if you (a-hem!) get my meaning.  Sometimes the truth
        is plainly told, but it's just as apt to be artfully

                Too many tree-huggers around.  Too much re-
                cycling.  Too many blends (low molecular wt.,
                high molecular wt., ethylene, propylene,
                butylene, new, used, re-cycled, de-cycled
                {and God knows what else}).

        If you don't know your poly (or Poly) well enough, best
        be a little cautious at first (wink!).  Don't commit
        to a major roll (bank -- or in the hay) any too soon.
        Go slow, and play around a little, first.

        Been there.  Hadn't done that.  And had to take the cure.

                                        Word to the (un)wise, in --
                                        Detroit, USA

                                        Robert Michaels

T>  From:   gking-at-impulse-dot-net

T>I just ordered a 48" x 96" 90 mil sheet of polyethylene for about $30
T>I have not received it yet, so I am not sure about the quanlity. Here
T>the info.
T>Daytona Plastix, Inc.
T>P.O. Box 9425
T>Daytona, FL 32120-9425

T>I was talking to Paul Zimmerman at extension 210.  Hope this helps.

T>At 21:57 6/5/97 -0500, you wrote:
T>>Subject:  Polyethylene sources and prices
T>>  Date:  Wed, 4 Jun 1997 14:15:29 -0700 (PDT)
T>>  From:  Brandon Doughan <fiveht-at-well-dot-com>
T>>    To:  tesla-at-pupman-dot-com
T>>Hey all-
T>>        Im sure sources and prices for cap materials have been posted
T>>many a time, but now I need 'em!  Please post if you know!
T>>At Tap Plastics here in San Francisco they have 4ft X 60mil LD
T>>polyethylene for $5.65 a foot!  This seems high to me and I *hope* it
T>>is.  Does anyone know of other sources and prices?  Please post an
T>>address or phone number if you do.  Thanks!