Re: Rejoined & about R. Quick

Subject:  Re: Rejoined & about R. Quick
  Date:   Tue, 3 Jun 1997 23:19:16 -0600
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To: Russ Thornton

A few tips on your Van de Graaff project.  Belt speed around 50-70
provides a good output with adequate charging current.  Remember to be
to keep the high voltage terminal at least 4 ball diameters from any
grounded object (base, etc) to provide best output potential.  Corona
begin and can be read with a microammeter at 3 ball diameters.

While "tuning" & "tweaking" your brushes and screens be sure to use a
microammeter connect to your HV terminal and ground.  This will measure
your output current and allow you to determine which changes are most

Be sure to coat the inside of your high voltage column as well as the
outside to prevent creepage of the charge down the tube.  Tubes not
properly sanded, heated up, and then coated are poor performers and
leak charge down the tube column faster than your belt can supply charge
the top --- hence no or little output.

Acceptable currents in machines using 2 inch wide belts are in the 8-14
range.  With 6 inch wide belt on drive pulley running at 3000 RPM look
25-40 uA as an indicator of good performance.

Hope this helps.


> From: Tesla List <tesla-at-pupman-dot-com>
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> Subject: RE: Rejoined & about R. Quick
> Date: Monday,June 02,1997 10:49 PM
> Subject: 
>         RE: Rejoined & about R. Quick
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> Hi Jim,
> Ironically, I received my box back from Richard Q. on Friday.  It
> contained what I was hoping for...Richard's video.  He included a note
> apologizing for the tardy reply but explained that he was recovering
> from a move.  So this is understandable.  I can only assume that once he
> gets caught up, gets his computer set up and maybe even an new IP, he
> will be back on the list. He did not say whether he moved across the
> country or across the street.
> Jim, I have put the VdG aside for more mundane projects around the
> house, for a time. I did make one belt and it has held together
> structurally.  The feather edges I made keep coming open and it disrupts
> the brushes.  The brushes are another story.  All in all I got no(NO)
> output from the machine.  I really need to remake the base and get a
> more powerful motor.  Even with ball bearings on both pulleys it does
> not drive the belt very well or very fast.  This is all being done on
> the 6" sphere.  I have everything to make the 12" sphere model but want
> to get the bugs worked out on the smaller one.  this is really
> frustrating as I has a 3" one working very well.
> The local Science Museum went and made a total overhaul. Actually they
> build a new one from scratch on another part of their property.  they
> have a little electrical show where they drag out a VdG machine with a
> 4' diameter sphere.  It is awesome.  They don't do much with it except
> draw a very large spark. About 14".
> I need to back to working on it but now is a bad season as it is very
> humid down here.
> No I am not on the HV list. I will have to check it out.
> BTW, the glue that I used was from Home Depot. If your interested I will
> check when I get home and give you a name.
> Russ
> >
> >>Hi All,
> >>
> >>& Hi Jim Fosse,
> >>
> >>I have been away from the list for quite some time since I changed job
> >>location.   It's good to be back.
> >>
> >>I was wondering something.  I procrastinated for the longest time in
> >>getting a copy of Richard Quick's video.  I finally sent off for it in
> >>February and have not heard anything.  Has something happened to
> >>or is he on extended travel? My tape was not returned either by non
> >>delivery or by the prepaid box.
> >>
> >Hi Russ,
> >        Welcome back. Interestingly enough, I emailed RQ on 3/15/97,
> >no bounce or response either. Story or Chip, is RQ still on the list?
> >If so, I'd guess he's just to busy or offsite to respond.
> >
> >Are you on Steven Roys' HV list? hvlist-at-Anchorage.ab.umd.edu where
> >Alfred just suggested "Barge" cement for the gum rubber that I sent
> >you and Ed. Didn't work;( Have you had any luck gluing that stuff?
> >
> >        cheers,
> >
> >        jim
> >
> >
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