one turn heating

Subject:  one turn heating
  Date:   Tue, 3 Jun 97 08:38:40 EDT
  From:   pierson-at-gone.ENET.dec-dot-com

>> I suddenly saw some wisps of smoke or something coming from the
>> secondary.  I shut it right down and found that 23" up from the
>>bottom,  a turn or more (#15 wire) had gotten hot enough to bubble
>>the Behr Super Build 50 over coating and had really gotten it to

>I don't have any idea why one turn or section of the secondary would
>get real hot unless it is from overcoupling or not being right on tune.
        Utter speculations follows

        Possible shorted turn.
        Low end of secondary is high current area, aggravating
        possible shorted turn.
        Possible shorted turn brough on by corona/arc to primary.

        Or i could be talking thru my hat.

        [note to the chop line diagnosis team:
        they are still there.  I'm hand editing them out, and trimming
        my lines to avoid 'em...]