RE- Re: dead C.P.caps

Subject:      RE- Re: dead C.P.caps
       Date:  Tue, 03 Jun 1997 07:50:00 GMT
       From:  robert.michaels-at-online.sme-dot-org (Robert Michaels)
Organization: Society of Manufacturing Engineers
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T>capacitor is buried down in the cabinet the coil is mounted on and is
T>30 feet away from where the controls are.  It will be diffilcult to
T>the gap on the capacitor is firing.
T>Ed Sonderman

        If one has a remote spark gap to be observed, the low-tech way
        is to rig a couple of shaving mirrors in such a way that
        the gap is brought into view.

                An even lower-tech approach is to cover one of the gap
                electrodes with a little "condom" of paper (forgive the
                allusion).  If the condom is later found to be
                perforated or charred the conclusion is obvious.

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        The high-tech way requires a little handiness with elec-
        tronics:  A photocell and associated circuitry can be
        rigged to light a lamp or give other indication when the
        light from a spark is detected.   The signal can even in-
        crement an electronic counter to indicate how many times
        the gap has fired.

                The better  commercial frequency counters have a
                "period"  function.  Such can be employed
                to obtain an indication of how many times per
                second-minute-hour the gap is breaking down.

        Radio Shack stores sell suitable photocells.   They also
        sell elementary electronics books which have starting-point
        circuit diagrams for applying the photocells.  Be certain
        to shield  =everything=  exceedingly well for use near an
        operating Tesla coil.

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