Re: Rotor BPS

Subject: Re: Rotor BPS
  Date: Mon, 2 Jun 1997 19:31:53 -0600
  From: "DR.RESONANCE" <DR.RESONANCE-at-next-wave-dot-net>
    To: "Tesla List" <tesla-at-pupman-dot-com>

TO: Chuck Curran

The basic coil usually starts out with a secondary winding that is 1 to
1/2 inches above a horizontal line drawn through the top edge of the
primary.  This vertical elevation is to achieve the proper coupling. 
Primary emphasis here is proper coupling for best performance which
less energy is reflected back into the primary circuit where it could
damage your transformer (especially neon types) or your capacitor.  The
more energy you couple into the secondary the better!

We usually use a horizontal primary to secondary separation of 1 1/2
as measured from the sec. coilform itself to the first primary inner
With neon xmfrs usually 1.5 inches is enough.  With pole units and large
diameter sec. coils we usually go 2 inches to 2 1.4 inches of primary to
sec. separation.  

You mentioned that your roof clearance is a problem, but guess what ---
electrons doing all the work really don't care --- they just wanna have


> From: Tesla List <tesla-at-pupman-dot-com>
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> Subject: Re: Rotor BPS
> Date: Sunday,June 01,1997 6:34 AM
> Subject:  Re: Rotor BPS
>   Date:  Sat, 31 May 1997 08:38:14 -0400 (EDT)
>   From: richard hull <rhull-at-richmond.infi-dot-net>
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> >
> >Hello DR. RESONANCE, Richard Hull & All:
> >
> >        I have a question that I hope can be directed at both of you and
> >the
> >group based on comments by you,  read over the last month or so.  First,
> >a short update on my situation--I've basically made little progress on
> >my new coil due to the record cold and rain in south eastern
> >Wisconsin--worst since 1888!
> >        O.K., the point made in the post above, about the secondary
> >being 4-8
> >inches above the primary and I believe Richard also mentioned something
> >about 3-4 weeks ago that led me to understand most of the time you
> >avoided raising the primary above the very bottom of the
> >secondary---that is where I am real curious. 
> snip
> >        Finally the question-- my present understanding is that you must
> >be,
> >based on the posts be elevating the secondary to a point where your K
> >must drop down to a low level, guessing maybe .08, or .12???  Have I
> >missed the boat here?  I had expected with what I had learned in working
> >with my 8" coil tuning process that raising the primary would provide
> >better output, assuming the system design allowed for the greater K. 
> >Now the discussion is suggesting another point that I don't have a clear
> >view/understanding of right now.  Boy, I only have 3" of clearance right
> >now when I roll it out of the garage and that's without the toroid! 
> >What I am wondering is that with the bigger coils, is there less
> >attention to the K value and more to eliminating pri/sec arcs by
> >increasing clearances?  I have a 2 1/2" air gap between the pri/sec
> >windings and thought this would be O.K.
> >        They are actually predicting that the rain will stop (I really
> >don't
> >believe it) and it will reach 75 Degrees F this weekend.  I have dropped
> >the primary to be on the same plane as the lowest/first turn of the
> >secondary and plan to smoke test this weekend.  If the mood strikes you,
> >any comments would be of interest.  Thanks in advance!
> >
> >Chuck Curran
> >Cedarburg, WI
> >
> >
> Chuck,
> Most really large coils can use a coupling of .25 and work fine provided
> the
> spark is handled adequately.  Your coupling sounds OK.
> Raising the primary up around the secondary is always a dangerous game. 
> The
> secondary voltage on the turns rise fast.  Very fast and you are asking
> for
> trouble with primary/secondary arc over.
> A helical archemedian spiral in an inverted cone is just the best
> primary
> for large coils.  A 15" diameter coil should have about a 56X12 toroid
> to
> shield the primary system properly and take up and distribute the power
> from
> such a large resonator.
> On Nemesis which was almost identical to your new large system, I had
> only a
> 1.5" separation between the first secondary turn and the inner first
> primary
> turn.  I never sparked over at .28 coupling.  The system did require a
> ground ring around the 48" diameter primary as the arcs were quite long
> and
> often arced in huge circling air arcs to this point. 
> If anyone insists on elevating a primary after construction, they should
> be
> prepared for primary-secondary arcing.  If it does not occur and the
> coil
> works great, they are among the blessed!
> Richard Hull, TCBOR