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>> >Thanks John Freau for the schematics, they are clear and precise and I will
>> >have it built as soon as I can presuade Richard Hull to dig down DEEP in his
>> >ham fest booty for those resistors etc I need, heh heh :) Seriously though,
>> >you mention a 304TL and that a more powerful tube can be used. What is an
>> >example of a more powerful tube? What is the most powerful tube that I could
>> >use that is obtainable from a tube supplier? Can I parallel morthan one
for a
>> >longer spark? Im going to go to some expense on this one and I
anticipate the
>> >end result to be a sight to behold. I will definately send pictures of the
>> >finished product along with some of the other coils I have.By the way,
>> >doorknobs dont have a mica dielectric do they? Probably not as I have a few
>> >of them and could use them on the tube coil, are they suitable?  Stephen
>> >Sanders
>> >
>> >Stephen,
>> Those HV resistors I bought at the fest are in use right now in a DC HV coil
>> supply.  I contacted Victoreen, a prime maker of such items.  In fact the #1
>> maker of precision 100 megohm plus and HV controlled temp coeff. resistor in
>> the world!  They have no distributors on the entire planet.  All must be
>> purchased directly from them at their factory with a $250.00 minimum "baby"
>> order!  High voltage is special in resistor usage.  The voltage coefficient
>> specification is the key item on these babies and are the reason you can't
>> just series an infinite number of carbons for high voltage work.
>> I am after their famous line of electrometer resistors (RX1A prime series-
>> glass vacuum enclosed jobs!)  This is a low voltage line of high ohm items.
>> Their lowest ohmic value in this special line is 100 megohms!  They stock
>> off shelf precision +/-.5% 100 gigohm jobs.  They will custom make up to 100
>> teraohms in this line at that precision.  (thats +/- 500 gigohms error and
>> it is IN spec at 0.5% precision!!)
>> They also make power HV resistors with specs guaranteed out to 100,000
>> Richard Hull, TCBOR
>Could you kindly post Victoreen's address, and phone and fax numbers 
>if you have them?  I'd like to try to get a catalogue.

I did this on the HV list a day or two ago.  Here it is:

 internet  <www.victoreen-dot-com>

phone (216) 248-9300
fax         248-9301

6000 Cochran Road
Clevland, Ohio 44139-3395

Most of the electrometer stuff is now on the HV list

Richard Hull, TCBOR