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I monitor the USA-Tesla list, and periodically a "pearl" is sometimes
found there - like the attached post. We've got some of the best-of-the
best coilers on this list. Disney is interested in helping Tesla get
better recognition - can we get some volunteers to help??

-- Bert --

     My fellow Tesla devotee,

     Epcot at the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Fl is planning a
     month-long science and technology celebration.  I am exploring the
     possibility of inviting some experts in the field doing some kind of
     Tesla and electricity related presentation during that time period.
     We have a very large audience of all ages from around the world.  I
     would love to hear from you.

     Yuqing Fan
     Epcot Science Department

 If you prefer contacting me directly, my email address is:
     yuqing_fan-at-wda.disney-dot-com.  Thanks.