Re: The Next Coil

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Sent: 	Wednesday, July 30, 1997 4:18 PM
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Subject: 	Re: The Next Coil

Robert W. Stephens wrote:

> The energy which is stored amongst the turns of the secondary in the
> self-C is not available to the streamer the same way nor as
> immediately.  The energy stored nearest the topload will be available
> first, but not as soon as that from the topload itself.  Like a
> stretched out pulse, the self-C energy will be communicated from
> secondary coil regions progressively further down this helical delay
> line to the top terminal when a low impedance ionization channel
> calls for it.
> The way this slower current helps in streamer growth
> and maintenance is another question.  Perhaps it does not aid in
> streamer growth at all but in fact is responsible solely for channel
> maintenance after it is laid out by the fast currents available from
> the topload.

One experiment I definitely plan to try is to measure the fast current 
waveform _directly_ at the base of a major output streamer.

Since the top electrode will be large enough to accomodate a person,
a digital storage scope and a small Honda generator, one could simply
fashion a long insulated probe that is grounded to the inside of the 
electrode, then stick the tip out thru a small opening in the electrode 
wall and 'go fishing' for arcs!  A fast Pearson CT could measure the 
probe current when a suitable arc emanates from the probe tip, and the 
scope could then capture the waveform, from the relative safety of the 
interior of the top electrode.

BTW, does anyone have a nice storage scope with a 3.5" floppy drive?