correction factor for paper

From: 	Michael Smith[SMTP:md.smith-at-usa-dot-net]
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Sent: 	Monday, July 28, 1997 1:48 PM
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Subject: 	correction factor for paper

Hi all, 

Does anyone know what factor to apply to the plate capacitor formula to
account for 30 lb kraft paper impregnated with oil between all layers of
the capacitor? 

Or should I just add the dielectric constants of the paper to the
polyethylene in the fomula and adjust the distance between plates?
Something does not seem right about adding the paper constant to the poly
constant. They are in series with each other, but something tells me they
would not be additive.

It would be nice to know beforehand so I can design a value rather than
test (and run the compression frame down) as I go. 

If the differences are insignificant, that would be nice to know too. Who
has experience with this?

Also, does anyone know the thickness of 30 lb kraft paper? I forgot to
bring a piece to work to measure.

Thanks in advance.

Michael Smith