Re: Power versus Spark Length

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> To: Greg
> A larger inductance should require a longer charging or risetime thus di/dt
> would not remain constant for a larger inductor.  I believe Tesla referred
> to this as "mass" or total amount of wire in the secondary inductor or
> magnifier.  It would of course be possible to modify a design with a larger
> inductor to regain the previous di/dt of another comparable system.


In the following conversation segment, I was not saying that di/dt remains
constant, I was simply questioning the notion of Vs = Ls di/dt.  This equation
is true _only_ if the current is the same at all points along the secondary coil.

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> >> >> 2. Increasing/decreasing the secondary coil inductance would
> >> >> increase/decrease the spark length.
> >> >
> >> >Why?
> >>
> >> Because of  Vs = Ls di/dt
> >
> >If you believe that di/dt remains constant while changing Ls, then
> >why not make Ls as large as possible?