Re: How should we measure coil efficiency, was neon vs. potent

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On Friday, July 25, 1997 2:08 PM John H. Couture
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>   Alfred -
>   Where did you find that higher frequency gives shorter sparks?

>From personal experiments and from comments by other coil builders.
I have tried making several coils that operated at the same power 
level but at different frequenies and with the same output voltages
(measured with a moving vane voltmeter at a fixed distance from each 
coil) The results were that the length of discharge got smaller as 
the frequeny went up.

> I believe it is the other way around.  The higher the frequency the longer
> the spark.

Obseration proves the oposite to be the case. Besides even if that 
was the case it still would render spark length invalid as a measure 
of efficiency due to the variability in spark length due to frequeny.

>    Energy = hf    h = Planck's constant   f = freq.
>    From the above equation the energy increases as the frequency increases,
> other factors being equal. This would mean when the frequency increases the
> spark length increases.

I have never seen any proof that this equation has any bearing on a 
Tesla coils output!    

>    As I have said in past posts, the quality and appearance of sparks is
> subjective for Tesla coil ratings, so these ratings must be viewed from this
> standpoint. Also, sparks cannot be converted to energy so they cannot be
> used for findung the efficiency of a Tesla coil.

John you seem to be contradicting yourself here since you are the one
who suggested that we use spark length as part of the determination 
of coil efficiency. Please explain. 


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