Re: 2 foot sparks - need more garage!

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Subject: 	Re: 2 foot sparks - need more garage!

Jim and all,

>	You're Hooked now!
I was hooked when I got a 1" spark of my first
solid state driver.

>You need a better ground. 
Right, I've got 3 * 3' stainless steel pipes (1/2") diameter
driven into the ground (clay) but linked to the coil with
a 5m length of 10A wire.
Looks like I want a much heavier connection and maybe more
pipes. 4" wide tape

>Also find some 20uF-60uF 600V Power correction or Motor Starting Caps 
>and put then across you mains. 

Will do I have got mains suppressors but I reckon I need something
more extreme! 40uf looks about right. 

>Adding some inductance in parallel with your resistive ballast will
>improve the spark immensely. The inductive ballast will also boost
>your 5kV output also. 

Short of a welder what do you suggest for ballast - the only thing
I've seen that I thought might be suitable is 100W flourescent tube

>What are you using as a top load? At 15kV -at- 60mA and a 6" X 24"
>torroid, I'm up to about 4' (memory here, don't have my notes in the
>same room) at 2.5KVA I'm up to 60" with my pig. 

Thats good going! I think I'm pulling about 6A from the mains - I am
having difficulty getting the right meter from Maplin mail order.

Top load is a toriod, 2.5" small diameter - 24" large diameter.

I did notice a big improvement when I moved from a 1.5" * 12" toriod -
2 or 3, 24"-30" streamers instead of 6 or 8, 12" streamers.

I've just bought some 4" diameter air duct to make a new toriod - after
my holidays.

I do need a bigger cap 0.042uf at present - needs to be 0.12uf (from
memory) to match the transformers.

But I think I also need a larger diameter secondary - more induction.
- yes definately hooked - I briefly considered building a ten foot
diameter faraday cage in the back garden!

>Why do I get the most impressive arcs when
>its just switched on?

>Either switching transients or poor spark gap quenching.

Yes, a fan on the gaps improves things. Richard Hull suggested
poor caps but I hope not. I'm going to try building a cap after
the holidays.

Have fun,

Alan Sharp (UK)