Re: Wireless Power Receiver!!

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Tesla List wrote:

>   Many authors have tried to second guess how Tesla's world wireless system
> would work because Tesla never revealed the details. These writings,
> however, have only served to confuse the situation. For example, what is a
> scalar wave? A scalar is a one dimensional quantity and a wave is a two or
> more dimensional quantity. I do not think that Tesla would make this
> mistake. There are many other questionable ideas that authors have presented
> regarding Tesla's system.

Scalar waves do exist.  A pressure wave, for instance, is a scalar wave.  The
confusion arises when various pseudo-scientists try to describe near-field
and radiated field phenomena using the scalar wave concept.

>   Tesla also said his wireless system would use the ionosphere. NASA is
> using the ionosphere in their shuttle tether experiments. This system does
> not use Hertzian waves but does use currents that flow in the ionosphere.

Actually, I believe that the NASA tether simply used Lenz's Law, whereby a 
conductor develops an EMF if it cuts through magnetic field lines -- in this 
case the Earth's magnetic field.  A conducting ionosphere was not required
for this experiment.

>   The second step in learning about Tesla's wireless system would be in
> researching the possibilities of connecting generators located on the
> earth's surface to the ionosphere. There have been plenty of solutions given
> as to how this should be done, from the Earth's Resonance to Electric
> Induction. Whatever the solution the system should not use Hertzian waves
> but should use Tesla coils because this is all that Tesla revealed.

Sounds like good fun to me!  I'd certainly check the $10 box on my tax return 
for that one!