Re: AC rateing of DC caps

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To: Cap inquiry on Tesla List

A "safe" value is to use the peak-to-peak rating or 2.8 x Erms.  This will
work in most all applications and seems to work well in Tesla systems that
see high voltage reversal rates.  The caps must be at least "pulse rated
duty" --- ordinary DC "filter" caps usually fail because they will take the
high peak to peak voltage reversals even with a 20% safety margin.

Hope this helps out.


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> >How do you figure an equivalent AC voltage for a cap rated in DC.  I
> don't want to bust mine.<
> Kevin,
> The wisdom on this list is to divide the DC voltage by 4,
> 28kV DC goes to 7kV AC for Tesla use - I've pushed this
> to a little over 8kV, after observing that none of my
> caps were getting warm.
> Alan Sharp UK