Re: Tuning Observations "parasitic tuning"

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> My coil has a remote tuning mechanism (Litz tuner) for adjusting Fpri by
> about +/- 5%.  During operation, I have never noticed any significant
> when running the tuner from one end to the other.  One reason is that small
> changes are hard to see when the arc is flying around, but the main reason
> is probably that the loaded Q is so low with a big white arc hanging off
> top electrode, that the tuning is not all that sharp.
> -GL >>

Greg, all,

Lou Balint of PA also uses a remote tuner device, and has found a similar 
result.  I believe he does see some change at the edge of the device 
range, but maybe his unit has more range.  In any case the tuning is not
that sharp and suitable tuning can be done without a remote device.  I
agree with the low Q explanation.   No doubt a workable remote tuning
device is a nice convenience.

John Freau