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>  That is very true,  you would definitely draw 3x more current than rated.
> I want to thank everybody for their inputs. Anyway have you priced what it
> would cost to construct  a .19 Henries ballast? You sound like you're in
> the same boat I'm in...no arc welder and trying to do this project on a low
> budget. Let me know what you find out and  I'll try to look into the
> inductive ballast method myself.
> Thank you
> Rodney

Somebody recently sent a post regarding a "reactor" which might get you
out of your dilemma. I think it is a large transformer connected in
series with the output but with a variable resistance connected across
its primary, i.e. similar to a welder with its outputs shorted, but I
could be wrong. If anyone has any more info on this, please advise.


Peter E.