Re: How should we measure coil efficiency

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>>The difference that I'm thinking of is that ground strikes that occur at
>>longest possible distances do not stay connected...they eventually 
>>release.  Sometimes they connect for only 1/10th of a second or less.
>>John Couture is suggesting a measurement length that allows the arc
>>to remain connected indefinitely (I believe).  To obtain such a long-term
>>connected spark requires using a shorter distance.
>>I however agree with you that we should measure our sparks at the 
>>longest distance which produces for instance 10 hits per minute, and
>>that this is basically the same as the free air sparking distance.
>>John Freau
>I agree.   Attempts to measure spark length by continious spark is useless
>as the tune of the coil is affected by the spark.   If this method of
>measuring coils was adopted then we would be measuring the output of a 
>de-tuned coil.
>Julian Green

  Julian -

  Why measure the output of a de-tuned coil?

  Why not keep retuning until you get a tuned coil and the longest
continuous spark?
>  John Couture