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  Ed, Adam, All -

  Many authors have tried to second guess how Tesla's world wireless system
would work because Tesla never revealed the details. These writings,
however, have only served to confuse the situation. For example, what is a
scalar wave? A scalar is a one dimensional quantity and a wave is a two or
more dimensional quantity. I do not think that Tesla would make this
mistake. There are many other questionable ideas that authors have presented
regarding Tesla's system.

  Tesla did say more than once that his system would not use Hertzian
(radio) waves. This makes sense because we are presently using these waves
for other purposes and know they are incapable of efficiently transmitting
large amounts of the electrical energy that a world wireless system would

  Tesla also said his wireless system would use the ionosphere. NASA is
using the ionosphere in their shuttle tether experiments. This system does
not use Hertzian waves but does use currents that flow in the ionosphere.
Studying the tether system would be the first step in learning about Tesla's
wireless system. Also studying the natural electrical system that produces
millions of kilowatt hours a day around the world would help. Controlling
voltage in any electrical system is a problem. It is interesting to note
that the the voltage of the natural system is automatically controlled by
the amount of lightning. Too much voltage gives more lighting strikes to
lower the voltage.

  The second step in learning about Tesla's wireless system would be in
researching the possibilities of connecting generators located on the
earth's surface to the ionosphere. There have been plenty of solutions given
as to how this should be done, from the Earth's Resonance to Electric
Induction. Whatever the solution the system should not use Hertzian waves
but should use Tesla coils because this is all that Tesla revealed.

  John Couture

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> If I am not mistaken one of Tesla's designs was to implement a scalar wave
> system and use the earth as a capacitor. The energy was to be received by a
> tuned circuit. The amount of power received was dependent on the resonating
> frequency of that circuit (referring to the Tesla Equivalent Circuit). This
> is why I called it a "radio" type circuit. Maybe a better term would be a
> "resonating" circuit?
> I have been working with the transmission of wireless energy for a while
> but am only able to receive enough power to light up a very small bulb at a
> distance of a few feet. Since I am not able to create a charge separation
> between the ionosphere and the earth with my 700 watt coil, I am wondering
> if anyone has any Ideas that I may try (short of building another
> Wardencliff Tower).
>  >>
>I thought Tesla's plans were to transmit power through the earth.  Richard
>Quick has demonstrated this idea.  The Tesla coil must be loaded with a
>toroid large enough to prevent break out.  Caution must be used here as the
>coil will be transmitting a lot of RF energy and the FCC (or your neighbors)
>won't be happy.  Now take another secondary tuned to the same frequency as
>the operating coil and connect it to a good earth ground some distance away.
> You should get discharges from this coil just as you would from a normal
>Ed Sonderman