FW: Those rare, long sparks

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>Data gathered with continous arc will let us engineer better continous arc
>systems, but will it engineer those magic moments?  No, I say.
>  Most of the magic comes from surroundings and mechanisms outside of the
>simple series resosant system. Any attempt to improve the continuous arcer
>might or might not result in better magic moments due to interactions beyond
>the closed continuous arcing system back upon that system when uncoupled
>from a drawn arc!
>How many of us use our coils as "ignition coil"-like demonstrators,
>mindlessly buzzing away with continuous drawn arcs?
>Richard Hull, TCBOR

  Richard -

  Your dissertation on Tesla coils hit the nail on the head. We should not
concentrate only on continuous sparks but also on what made that super long
spark possible. Tesla coils have a future but we cannot improve them unless
we know not only what creates the longest continuous sparks but what magic
produces thoes special super sparks. Super sparks mean super output and
right now we cannot explain why these occur.

  Tesla coils are still in the primative stage and for this reason it is
hard to visualize what they will be used for in the future. One possibility
is as an emergency electrical power source for space stations. I think Tesla
would enjoy hearing of this utilization of the ionosphere with his TC.
However, in order to apply a TC for this application the TC must be
redesigned. To redisign the TC we must better understand how it works.

  Tesla coils are still the best electrical apparatus for obtaining ultra
high voltages and at high power levels. This type of device works best in
the ionosphere where high voltages are required and where sparks are less of
a problem than in the atmosphere at the earth's surface.

  John Couture