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> All,
> Finally got some coilin' going on here!
> Finished my new coil this weekend and took it out Sunday for a test
> drive...IT WORKS.
> I got four-foot streamers right out of the box.
> Brief Description:
> 2x15kV-at-60 mA neons protected with safety gaps and "MegaHenry" chokes (thanks
> Robert Stephens!)
> 0.02uf-at-40kV Plastic Caps capacitor (OK it's mylar, I know.  Don't complain
> about it, just send a tesla-grade apacitor at the address below FOR FREE ;-)
> 16-turn flat-spiral primary of 1/4" tubing spaced 1/2" apart. ID 7.5", OD
> 24". Tapped in at ~12-1/2 turns
> 5.5" x 29" secondary of #24 enamel
> 4" x 30" aluminum heating duct top load.
> Performance is not as good as it could be - Robert's STC outperforms it at
> ~900VA, for example - but it's the best to-date for me. Plenty o' "tweaking"
> ahead.
> Having way too much fun in Streetsville Ontario,
> Jeffrey Wiggins

Good one! Mine doesn't outperform it at 900VA (I'm only getting 30") 

Tell me about these "megahenry chokes" if you don't mind me asking!

Arcin & Sparkin in Oz,
Peter E.