Re: arrangemnt of my coil

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> >Should my capicator be parallel with the transformer and the coil, or
> >should the capicator be in series with the coil?  Is there a pro and con
> >about this, or is it just personal feelings toward one or the other.
> >Someone please help me with this.
> I've tried both and it makes no difference.  But do make sure you have
> chokes to protect your transformer.   300 turns air wound.   Make 2, one
> for each leg of the transformer.
> Julian Green.

I beg to differ.

If you have the cap in parallel with the coil and safety gap, you are
protecting your cap and your tranny with the safety gap.

If you have the main gap in parallel with your tranny and safety gap you
are only protecting your tranny and the cap is more likely to blow up,
mine certainly did!

The length of spark is the same in both cases.

Cheers, Peter E.