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> Check out the ftp site ftp.funet.fi in /pub/sci/electrical/tesla, in
> particular the RQDOCS.  You can also check out the archive server. Hmmm...
> maybe I'll put the the useful docs on my auxilliary web page:
> http://www.pupman-dot-com
> >  If
> > anyone out there has any great ideas for easy to make capicators, please
> > let me know.
> I am a big fan of the Richard Hull rolled caps that are described in the
> > I've seen discussions of beer bottle caps, but
> > nothing specific enough to give directions as to how to build.  Another
> > thing, how do you connect the wired to the plates without a: creating a
> > gap in the stack and b: creating a potential location for arcing around
> > the plates.
> Put a tab on the aluminum foil plates.  You want a plate that looks sort
> of like the state of Utah.  The top part sticks out of the stack.
> The best way to prevent arcing is to submerge the whole thing in oil.
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Just though I'd throw in my two bobs worth after having blown up a few
rolled poly caps!

All of mine failed at the edges (even being under oil) so I reckon the
secret is to put big overlaps between the plastic and the Al plates i.e.
at least an inch or more. Also here the thick poly sheet is bloody
expensive! so use multiple sheets of 8 mil concreters plastic,
preferably the clear stuff but if all else fails use black plastic with
engine oil! It ran ok on my coil for more than 3 months.


Peter E.