Re: 2 foot sparks - need more garage!

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>I've had a whole day off to mess
>about on my coil!
>All of this gave me 2 foot sparks (measured arcs
>to grounded pole).
Congrats Alan,
	You're Hooked now!

>I don't think I can make any more room in the
>garage - unless I push the walls out, and the
>coil is playing havoc with the TV (the garage is
>built against the living room.

You need a better ground. I found that some 4" wide Al tape quited my
neighbors TVI much more effectively than #2 welding cable. Also find
some 20uF-60uF 600V Power correction or Motor Starting Caps and put
then across you mains. Without them, I kept blowing out uP controlled
electronics in my house;( (the motion controlled front porch lamp 50'
away and the fountain timer 30' away)
>What I might do is take out the micro wave
>transformer. Work on improvements at 5000v.
>Then set up in the garden, or in the church
>hall and try it out at 7500v. My caps are
>rated at 28kV DC so 7500v AC is the max.
How about the Church Bellfree;)

Adding some inductance in parallel with your resistive ballast will
improve the spark immensely. The inductive ballast will also boost
your 5kV output also. 

What are you using as a top load? At 15kV -at- 60mA and a 6" X 24"
torroid, I'm up to about 4' (memory here, don't have my notes in the
same room) at 2.5KVA I'm up to 60" with my pig. If I were to remove my
inductive ballast, I'd guess that would go down to a foot or so.
>Why do I get the most impressive arcs when
>its just switched on?

Either switching transients or poor spark gap quenching.

	Great Going,