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Hi, Chuck

I was wondering if you can send me your coil specs.

>Hello All:
>Attached is a shot that I took of my coil on 7/6/97.  I finally have a
>standard mechanical camera, an Agfa, that I used to take this photo.  I
>used ASA 400 film, f5.6 and a 4 second exposure.
>Tonight Bert Hickman and Michael Bauer and their wives will be here to
>see it run, after a tour of where I work.  I got to show them all the
>magnet wire at work, maybe they'll get the urge to wind another coil! 
>The system is now very stable with 3 minute runs followed by a cool down
>period being the present mode of operation.  I do have to readjust the
>stationary electrodes in my rotary due to erosion, but the rotary moving
>electrodes are quite happy at 16.8 Kw input.  That's all.
>Chuck Curran
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