Power versus Astro-Spark Length

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Subject: 	Power versus Astro-Spark Length

Greg wrote:
>At this point I would like to back away from my previous Figure of Merit and
>suggest the following:
>GOODNESS = (Total Fun Integral) / (Breaker Rating of Wall Socket)
>The fun integral could be measured, for instance, by integrating the output
>of an applause meter over a 10 second averaging period.

Wow...yes I must agree with this method.  THANK YOU GREG!!!

Man or Astro-man? has just returned from Europe, dragging the rebuilt
15kv/180mah coil all around the EU.

The coil ended the show on 26 of the 28 performaces, Including the Pheonix
Festival (where I had to do a hell of a job convincing the saftey and stage
personel it would be ok) and live performaces for the MTV show Alternative
Nation (Thier equiv. to OSHA was a bit nervous).

The coil will appear on the show (Alternative Nation) on European MTV in
about two weeks (i will post the air date when I get it), and again in

The coil made appearances in Denmark, Slovenia, Austria, Germany, Belgium,
Netherlands, and the UK.

The coil is now in storage in Gronigen (netherlands) to be used on future
Astro-Euro tours (in november).  I will be busy here build a new improved
coil for US usage (perhaps a small magnifier.

If the above Figure of Merit methos holds true , than the astro-coil is
doing very well!  (despite the lack luster performace greg witnessed in

I think my coil is a bit shy of people from SRL...although Scott Mitchell
showed up at an Astro-performance in Eindhoven (netherlands) to see the
coil run pretty well. (He took time off from his stage construction on the
U2 tour)

Man or Astro-man will hit the road with the new coil on September 5. I will
post the dates when we get them for those intrested.

-Robert Del Bueno