Re: How should we measure coil efficiency

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><<  Greg,
 >> Are you refering to a steady, connected spark to ground, or occasional
> Occasional hits, but at least 10 in a one minute period.


Your idea could be used to help standardize coil measurements;
as you say...10 strikes per minute or whatever.  This seems very
> > My concern about steady sparks to ground is that they may not be truly
>> representative of the normal free air (or occasional to ground)
> > spark length performance.  
> I don't see a difference in the two, at least for the purposes of this
> If the grounded terminal is placed at distance X, then the coil system 
> under test must possess a "free air" capability of X  in order to produce a
> steady, connected arc of X length.
The difference that I'm thinking of is that ground strikes that occur at
longest possible distances do not stay connected...they eventually 
release.  Sometimes they connect for only 1/10th of a second or less.
John Couture is suggesting a measurement length that allows the arc
to remain connected indefinitely (I believe).  To obtain such a long-term
connected spark requires using a shorter distance.

I however agree with you that we should measure our sparks at the 
longest distance which produces for instance 10 hits per minute, and
that this is basically the same as the free air sparking distance.

John Freau

> -GL