Re: Power versus Spark Length

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Subject: 	Re: Power versus Spark Length

Richard Hull wrote:

> But as all relatively simple equations where all is conserved,  the term
> "coil efficiency" is virtually unknowable or is at the very least incredibly
> illusive to the traditionally under instrumented amateurs.  
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> The real difference is that at a given efficiency for two identically
> equated but differently constructed systems the energy in the system with
> smallish violet sparks is spread from low level waste heat to near x-rays,
> while the white hot performer will confine itself to a more narrow range of
> radiation mostly concentrated in the "pretty" part of the spectrum. (like
> your system)
> Richard Hull, TCBOR

Thanks -- I agree that 'arc sculpting' is as much of an art as it is science.

The folly of trying to define a Figure of Merit for TC's is rapidly becoming
apparent to me -- every coil designer will have their own measuremt standards,
and achieving any consensus would be like trying to herd cats in a thunderstorm.

At this point I would like to back away from my previous Figure of Merit and
suggest the following:

GOODNESS = (Total Fun Integral) / (Breaker Rating of Wall Socket)

The fun integral could be measured, for instance, by integrating the output
of an applause meter over a 10 second averaging period.