Re: Tesla's capacitors

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Acording to George Trinkaus' book "He reverted to a glass dielectric in the
form of a bottle, and to salt water which served as the "plates" of an
electrolytic capacitor. Into a big galvanized tub of salt water, he set a
bunch of big mineral water bottles which themeselves cotianed salt-water.
Salt water is a conductive medium, an electrolyte. The salt water in the
bottles was 1 plate and the salt water in the tub was the other. The glass
was the dielectric. A connection was made to the tub, and each bottle had an
elecrode through its opening with a terminal on it. By connecting bottles in
and out of this parallel circuit, Tesla could vary the total capacity by
known increments."

It works. Thats what I use on my coil.