Re: Tuning Observations

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>Subject: 	Tuning Observations
>Has anyone noticed that the tune a coil is affected by spark length?
>I noticed this effect when tuning my coil at very low power where adjustments
>on the primary tap are extreemly sensetive.   (By low power I mean output 
>spark of 2".)
>Has the power of the coil is increased and output spark length increases to a
>point where the coil goes out of tune and spark length does not increase as 
>power increases.   Adding an extra turn of primary corrects the problem.
>I also notice that this effect is greater with a small toroid.
>The conclusion I have drawn from my observation is that as a streamer emits
>from the toroid it is in effect adding to the conductive surface area of the
>toroid and hence increases capacitance of the toroid.   Perhaps the ion cloud
>also effects the capacitance of the toroid and hence tuning.
>Therefore use a larger toroid so these effects are minimized.
>Julian Green

I have used some huge toroids in my time.  It is the "cat chasing its tail".
The bigger the toroid, the more power needed to push out longer sparks.  The
effect remains even at 13KW shovin' out  15-16' arcs from 60"X13" toroids

Richard Hull, TCBOR