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Subject: 	Party and 15 footers

Hi all, I am on the list serve now.

Bert Pool and I ran our maggie in Bert's back yard the other night. 
It was our teslathon, I think. about 40 people showed up including 
the treasure god Norm Whooton and the moderator for the Tesla list 
serve, Storey Clamp. When tuning it the driver was very unhappy. I 
went to my house and got a 30 in. smooth spun toroid to be a corona 
ring for the driver. When I got back there was good food all ready to 
eat. Good food Bert! Tuning the maggie proved to be a frustrating job 
in all that wind. The wind blows out the arcs and it will result in 
an arc from the secondary to the primary. Finally with the two tops 
three feet in dia. stacked and separated for maximum terminal 
capacitance it was running about 10 kw. and getting regular 11 to 12 
ft. strikes to the tin roof Bert had grounded just for the occasion 
had my cam corder on the only side of the yard that it did not mess 
up. That is the side away from the driver. Getting close to the 
driver really messes up my Sony camcorder. It won't reverse or 
sometimes just beeps when turned on. After about 2 days, it will just 
start working again....any comments?

After getting back the still pictures we noticed lots of strikes to 
a citronella candle and just past it on the concrete! That is 
conservatively 15 ft.!! We were set up exactly 9.2 ft. from the 4th 
pole on the porch and it was 11 ft. to the third pole. The candle was 
directly inbetween the 2nd and 3rd pole on the ground. That is 
directly measurable to 15 ft.
15 ft. strikes, .015 total system capacitance, 10 kw., and 7.5 times 
the resonator length.  (Praises to Richard hull with 10 times the 
resonator length)
Any comments on arcs 15 feet or more with .015 capacitance?

Since Bert Pool and I are now the TCBFW we have made a skydive banner 
I have managed to jump and get video and stills of. The banner 
flapped so violently that the video is worthless to get a picture 
from but one of the pictures came out readable. I will post the 
picture with the list serve.......It read,

Ed Wingate is the one who was selling the high voltage discharge caps 
at Richard Hull's Teslathon last year. We got quite a few of them and 
are currently punishing them on our maggie. Yea Ed!!!

We are now building a bigger conventional coil from an 18.5 in. tube. 
I just bought 59 lbs of 14 ga. wire to wind on the secondary. Should 
get a 20 foot spark! I hope. I did pay $200 for the new wire.

Since we got the current under control to 10kw this 2kw potential 
transformer has not gotten hot! Only %500 overdrawn from the wall 
plug is ok. Even for multiple 5 min. runs. We use to run it at 20 kw 
and more just to see what would happen and it got hot. Sparks were 
hotter too! But not significantly longer. Once resonance is achieved 
at 10 kw the coil is about maxed out for spark length. We have never 
destroyed a potential transformer yet.

Safe coiling to all!

Wild Bill