Re: Wireless Power Receiver!!

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Subject: 	Re: Wireless Power Receiver!!

>Has anyone made a wireless power receiver? I have been able to pull a small
>amount of power off of my 700 watt Tesla coil with a "radio" type circuit
>but not enough current to be useful.
>Let me know if anyone else has had any luck. Suggestions are welcome.

>   My suggestion is that you put this on some other List because it is not a
>true Tesla coil project.
>   Tesla was very adamant about advising people that his air core resonant
>transformer was not designed to use Hertzian (radio) waves.  
>   You are dealing with Hertzian radiation and this is radio engineering.
>   I suggest you read and study Tesla's writings and you will understand why
>he invented the so called Tesla coil.
>   John Couture

John Couture

If I am not mistaken one of Tesla's designs was to implement a scalar wave
system and use the earth as a capacitor. The energy was to be received by a
tuned circuit. The amount of power received was dependent on the resonating
frequency of that circuit (referring to the Tesla Equivalent Circuit). This
is why I called it a "radio" type circuit. Maybe a better term would be a
"resonating" circuit?

I have been working with the transmission of wireless energy for a while
but am only able to receive enough power to light up a very small bulb at a
distance of a few feet. Since I am not able to create a charge separation
between the ionosphere and the earth with my 700 watt coil, I am wondering
if anyone has any Ideas that I may try (short of building another
Wardencliff Tower).