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 > Today I got a couple transformers from my uncle and I just wanted to
 > know what you guys thought about them (are they any good?).

Sure. They are good for Tesla coils, Jacob's ladders, etc.  

 > The Primary of the first one is 115V.  Isn't line voltage 120V? 
 > it cause a problem to plug it in?  Before I go and do something
 > I want to know what would be bad to do because I don't think I'll get
 > another chance to find another transformer, let alone two.

No, 120V is the same as 115V.  In fact if you look at some of your
household appliances a few may also say 115V on them as well.  If you do
plug them in *do not* allow them to run without a load across the HV
terminals.  I have had a failure because I let an almost brand new
France 7.5kV 30mA run unloaded.  A Jacob's ladder, Tesla coil, or just a
shorting wire across the HV terminals would all classify as loads.  You
should hook them up just to see if they are functional.  Use a long
plastic handle with a nail attached to the end to draw arcs, or you can
just set up a simple Jacob's ladder to test them.


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