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> Greetings all,
> Thanks to all those who responded to my request for
> info on the World War II capacitors. I was able to
> get 20 in the end - all he had, at a discount, and I'll
> try them soon.
> Meanwhile I've got my first conventional coil running.
> I can draw 10" sparks of it. I'm using a 5500V 330mA
> transformer with a 0.02uF capacitor - which limits
> the amount of power I can usefully process.
> It fired first go and the performance doubled on tuning.
> The transformer isn't current limited, so I'm using
> a 2.5kW convector heater in series to keep it in
> rein - I know I'm loosing voltage :(
> I built it around an existing 4" coil (about 1000 turns
> of 0.4mm wire) with a 9 turn pancake primary.
> Tuning and setting the safety gaps (one across the
> transformer and one across the caps) was straight
> forward after a year on this list.
> I hope to tweak a bit more out of it - add capacitance,
> rewire the variac to get to 110% Widen the gaps.....
> Best of all the church slows done at this time of
> year and I've got a student assistant for the summer.
> I should get a bit more done.
> Have fun.
> Alan Sharp (UK)


If you don't mind me asking, where did you get your transformer from?


Peter E.