Re: ignition coil

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Hello Alfred, all,

> > (2) How to get _all_ energy from the core to the secondary? Not easy.
> > You have to break the supply from the primary without a spark across 
> > the break contacts. Fast parting contacts are the order of the day.
> > You can slow the rate of rise of core energy release by putting a 
> > small capacitor across the contacts, the ideal being that the 
> > contacts part company faster than the voltage across them rises.
> Malcolm, I find nothing wrong with what you said except that it 
> ignores one of Michael Faradays most important observations, namely
> that the faster that the current is cut off from an inductor the 
> faster the magnetic field collapses and the higher the induced 
> voltage. It was to this end that Tesla started out with a mercury 
> turbine interuptor for his initial H.V. generators and it was what 
> lead Tesla to the design of the Tesla coil itself.

Firstly, quite true. However, energy lost in the primary = energy not 
dissipated in the secondary discharge. The cap needn't be huge.
    Then again, TC's can be rather slow at low operating frequencies 
as well.

I stand modified.