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> Greetings all, 
> I have been searching around Lincoln NE for transformer oil. I had begun
> to fear that I would have to make that very unpleasant trip to Omaha,
> when I found just the person I wanted at Lincoln Oil. 
> I can purchase from them Texaco 0600 transformer oil in five gallon cans
> for $26.40 a can. Now this seems cheap to me based on what I have heard
> referred to on this list. He said that there are two types. One is
> uninhibited and one is inhibited. 
> Here are the numbers :
> Type 1 - ASTMD 34487  --  uninhibited
> Type 2 - ASTMD 34487 type A  --  inhibited.
> The ASTMD is a code that the oil conforms to. I am ingnorant of these
> specs and am wondering what experience anyone here has with this. And has
> anyone used Texaco 0600?
> He listed a bunch of towns, including Lincoln around here that buy from
> him and they use it in their pole transformers, so I am inclined to think
> that for once, I am going to get  quite a nice deal on something...
> but what does the guy at Wilbert Burial Vault Company use it for??? He
> was one of the customers that was mentioned.
> Michael Smith
> md.smith-at-usa-dot-net


Everyone knows the guy at Wilbert Burial Vault uses Texaco 
0600 oil  in his pole pigs that are used to power his giant Tesla 
coil that he uses in the middle of the night while raging 
thunderstorms lash his laboratory while he works on experiments 
trying to reanimate dead bodies.  Gee, you'd already know these 
things if you watched more of the old Boris Karloff movies!

Bert Pool