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We have used this oil in the past and it works good.  We now use Shell for
most of our HV transformer units.  The "burial vault" probably referred to
a company that specializes in underground commercial power transformer
installation -- commonly called a "vault".


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> Greetings all, 
> I have been searching around Lincoln NE for transformer oil. I had begun
> to fear that I would have to make that very unpleasant trip to Omaha,
> when I found just the person I wanted at Lincoln Oil. 
> I can purchase from them Texaco 0600 transformer oil in five gallon cans
> for $26.40 a can. Now this seems cheap to me based on what I have heard
> referred to on this list. He said that there are two types. One is
> uninhibited and one is inhibited. 
> Here are the numbers :
> Type 1 - ASTMD 34487  --  uninhibited
> Type 2 - ASTMD 34487 type A  --  inhibited.
> The ASTMD is a code that the oil conforms to. I am ingnorant of these
> specs and am wondering what experience anyone here has with this. And has
> anyone used Texaco 0600?
> He listed a bunch of towns, including Lincoln around here that buy from
> him and they use it in their pole transformers, so I am inclined to think
> that for once, I am going to get  quite a nice deal on something...
> but what does the guy at Wilbert Burial Vault Company use it for??? He
> was one of the customers that was mentioned.
> Michael Smith
> md.smith-at-usa-dot-net