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if you read this list for a while you will find all the "schematic" related 
info you need, and I'm sure you'll get plenty of advice on how to get cheap 
transformers.  You don't really need a schematic to interconnect 5 parts - 

you have a neon transformer. Put a capacitor in parallel with the Xformer 
output so the cap "shorts" the xformer.  make a spark gap (see this list for 
advice).  make a primary coil using 1/4 inch refrig tubing wound in a flat 
spiral (the easiest to make) with an inner diameter of about 7 to 8 inches and 
a spacing of 1/4 inch between turns - I used 50 ft of tubing.  wind util 
tubing is used up.  Now put the spark gap in series with the xormer and 
attache a heavy wire with a clip lead to the other terminal of the spark gap - 
this will connect to a place on the primary you just wound.  Connect the inner 
turn of the pri to the other Xformer/capacitor terminal and your primary 
circuit is done.
Then wind some turns of 24 or 22 gague wire for a secondary - I used 4 inch 
drain pipe and wound about 20 inches.  There are details about secondary 
design posted on teh list all the time.  Ground one end of the secondary, and 
you are ready to go.  you can add a toilet float or some other device to the 
top of the coil later to add some capaictance.  So, you have a secondary  with 
one end grounded, and you have a spark gap and primary in series and across 
the xformer secondary, and the capacitor in parallel with the xformer 

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Anybody have 2 1500v 30ma neon transformers for sale that are cheap?
also i'm still looking for schematics

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