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<< know what you guys thought about them (are they any good?).
> the first one
> luminous tube transformer
> cat no 721-121
>capacity VA 360
> Primary 
> 115 V
>60 Cycles
>12,000 V
>30 MA
> Midpoint of secondary grounded
>Jefferson Electric Company
> the second one (from a neon sign)
> franceformer (it's an 'f' not a 't')
> gaseous tube transformer
> cat no 9030 FA1S2
> ser 1172
> Primary
> 120 V
> 60 Cycles
> 288 VA
> Secondary
> 9000 V
> 30 MA
> Midpoint of secondary grounded
> The Primary of the first one is 115V.  Isn't line voltage 120V?  Would
> it cause a problem to plug it in?  Before I go and do something stupid,
> I want to know what would be bad to do because I don't think I'll get
>another chance to find another transformer, let alone two.

Both trannies are standard neon sign transformers, yes they're good for 
building a Tesla coil or Jacob's ladder.  115V or 120V...doesn't make any
difference...it's within a few percent.  In fact, I use a step up variac and 
put 135 volts in to my 115V variacs for extra power...yes it does stress
them a little.  always use safety gaps to protect the neons from bad

For the 288 V neon trans, you can put 240 volts into it and lose a little
performance, or use can use a step up variac to step the voltage up to
about 280 volts.

A Tesla coil using a 12,000V, 30 ma tranny can give a 42" spark, but
most don't.  It depends on the TC design.

John Freau