Re: Huge Triodes for Sale!

From: 	Jeff W. Parisse[SMTP:jparisse-at-ddlabs-dot-com]
Sent: 	Tuesday, July 22, 1997 2:12 AM
To: 	'Tesla List'
Subject: 	Huge Triodes for Sale!


I have two unused Seimens 250kW Triodes for sale. These are replacement parts for the Seimens Pandoros Optimatic Generator and still sell for $16,000.00 when purchased through Seimens. I'm looking for a radiology or HV research buyer willing to pay a fraction of that price. A photograph is available by e-mailing me at jparisse-at-ddlabs-dot-com. All offers considered.

Seimens RT 125/2000
250kW Control Triode
Order Number: 1101237

Specifications (abridged)
Max. Plate Voltage:	125 kV
Max. Plate Current:	2 A
Max. Continuous:	75 kV

Grid Current:		.02 uA
Max. Grid Voltage:	5 kV

Filament Voltage:	9.2 V
Filament Current:	11.2 A
Cathode MTBF: > 10,000 Hrs.

Height:		17.5"
Diameter:		4.5"

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