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On Monday, July 21, 1997 6:24 PM Kevin
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> I got an ignition coil yesterday from a friend and I hooked it up to my
> relay.  With a wire connected to the high voltage terminal I drew sparks
> off of the the other terminals.  The sparks weren't very big though
> (3-5mm).  I can control the speed of my relay now by putting a capacitor
> across the relay terminals, but that just determines the speed of the
> sparks. I just don't get why the sparks are so small. If I just have
> the coil and a power supply, everytime I brush the wire from one the
> coil's terminals (not the high voltage one) with a wire from the power
> supply, I get big bright sparks.

Hi Kevin, by 'ignition coil' I assume you mean an automobile ignition 
coil possibly one that looks like a 4 or 5 inch can about 2 inches in 
diameter with two screw terminals and one inerted plastic cone with 
the high voltage connector inside. The output of these coils is not 
only dependant on the ratio of turns BUT also dependant on the speed 
that the magnetic field collapses ie. faster break means bigger 
sparks. There are several ciruits that hae been published in "Popular 
Electronics" and "Electronics Now" formerly "Radio Eletronics" I 
remember seeing a pertiularly good ciruit in I think "The Laser Cook 
Book" I have a copy some where in my attic, I'll see if I can dig it 
up and scan the article and schematic for you, just give me a little 
time- I'm recovering from surgery and can't move around too much just 
yet and I'll have to get a friend to move the boxes since I'm not 
supposed to lift more than 10 pounds at the moment.


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