Re: In vs. Out [small magnefier ]

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> Hi Rich:  
> Was wondering if anyone in your group ever tried to drive a small magnifier
> with a high power vacuum tube setup?  I have an 803 with matching 3,000
> volt, 1.2 ampere power supply and matching filiment xmfr.  I thought in
> might be fun trying to drive a small magnifier/resonator setup.  I have in
> mind an 12 dia. sec coil closewound with #6 AWG and a 20 in. dia. primary
> of 30-60 turns with tuning taps.  This sec. coil to be about 24 inches
> long.  Resonator coil would be a 24 inch long winding of #14 AWG 3 kv PVC
> insulated wire -- closewound.  Perhaps a 24 x 5 toroid on top of resonator
> and a small toroid of 1 inch dia. copper tubing atop the driver sec. coil. 
> I'm not looking for spark-excited performance but thought a nice 36-48 inch
> discharge would be a good starting point.
> Comments or suggestions from you or John Freau most welcome.
> DC at DR.RESONANCE-at-next-wave-dot-net

Hi DC,

I did some tube magnifier experiments at a lower power level.  These 
were part of some tests I was doing of Lou Balint's ideas of "tuning"
the secondary of the magnifier using an external variable capacitor 
across the secondary coil.  I tried using various secondary inductances
and "tuning" cap values, but in all cases the spark output was equal to
or less than that from an ordinary tube coil.  The secondary tended to
get quite warm in these experiments.  The spark length in these tests
ranged from 9 to 13 inches, I think I used an 833A tube.  One resonator
I used was 7" dia, by 6 1/2" high, I also used a 4" dia by 24" high 

I also did a "free resonance" test, in which a regular tube coil was run
and a resonator was placed nearby a few feet away with its base 
grounded.  A toroid was placed on the tube coil to prevent the production
of output sparks, forcing the output sparks to emit from the free resonator
coil.  The sparks were a little shorter from the free resonator coil, but it
was a neat effect.  If I remember correctly, these sparks were 
somewhere around 20 to 28" long.  I was using four 833A's in the set up.

Generally I only use toroids on tube coils as a occasional aid for tuning,
the toroids don't help the spark output IMO, and they heat up and waste
energy at higher powers.  

I don't think I tried any tube magnifier tests at higher (20+ inch sparks)
powers, but I'm not sure...have to check my notes. 

John Freau