Re: Help w/ Big Tube Coil [ Mica Caps ]

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Mica units available from Resonance Research Corp, Baraboo, WI.  Units are
.005 MFD rated 9 KV (AC-rms) with pulse duty rating to 22 KV DC.  Cost is
nominal at $22 per unit.  Units can be series and parallel connected to get
lower or higher cap ratings on both cap and voltage.  Units are new not


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> > Wow, what a great suggestion and an informative post!
> > When you said "lower part of the primary form" did you mean that you
> the >feedback coil under the primary coil? Over or under, does it make a
> "significant" >difference?
> > Do you have any suggestions on finding/pricing mica transmitting caps?
> > Jeff W. Parisse
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> Jeff,
> Yes, I do place the feedback coil under the primary form.  This gives 
> two advantages; the secondary can be lowered below the primary for
> very tight coupling experiments, and the top of the secondary can be
> farther away from the other coils which helps prevent flashover.
> I haven't seen any real performance difference with feedback coil over 
> or under the primary.
> I buy my mica caps at hamfests for anywhere from 25 cents to 5 dollars
> each, but they're getting very hard to find.  Other types of capacitors
> as polyethylene are very good, doorknobs can be used, but they heat up
> and go bad in most cases, I'm told.  The micas are sold from some surplus
> houses, I believe, but they may want $20 or so?   New they're about $150
> or more I believe?
> Good luck with your coil, looking forward to your results.
> John Freau