Re: New idea for TC Primary

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> MW comments: I also thought of this several years ago. I put out a
> query on the scheme and got a reply from Mark Barton who had tried it
> at around 10 - 20 kVA. I quote:
>      " We got kickbacks, the likes of which I've never seen. We even
> popped 100W lightbulbs in a neighbour's house".
>     I had a brief discussion offlist with Mark on this. He thought
> it may have to do with connecting a partially charged cap back onto
> the mains. My idea is that connecting a cap, charged or not back to
> the mains at an unfavourable part of the mains cycle is throwing a
> near dead short back across the mains. I dropped the idea for use
> of the standard transformer/choke setup. However, if zero-voltage
> switching on the primary side could be implemented, I see no reason
> why it wouldn't be just fine. However, the scheme is necessarily
> reduced to using a synchronous firing circuit because of the zero-
> crossing dilemma.
>       My original idea was to be discharging one cap in the primary
> while charging an alternate from the mains. As usual, normal timing
> associated with energy transfer from TC primary to secondary renders
> that idea somewhat superfluous to using a single cap.
> Malcolm


I'm not sure I understand how zero crossing switching would apply to a
DC system, or are you talking about AC systems only?.

I would think also that any kickbacks would be largely absorbed by the
large filter caps used with the HV DC supply.


Petere E.